My Tips for Freshies After Finishing My First Semester at University

Hello There. Im Nazmi, Bachelor of Computer Systems and Software Engineering, UMP Gambang Campus, Pahang. I used to be a passive student ; who doesnt involve in much activities when in high school. I only participates when my teacher told me to. But all of that changes when i entered the university life because in university, theres a lot of opportunity for you to become active and to gain more experience. Entering the university life changes me a lot. So here i have my own tips for ex SPM leavers who are entering the university this year. Enjoy the read !

Tips for freshies when entering the university life.

Make yourself presentable

This means that you have to know a lil bit about the trends of fashion nowadays. It’s not that you must buy new clothes before entering university, you just need to take more care about your appearance

Eat up some sweets before entering class

This comes in two situations. 1st, for keeping you focus in class. This is particularly for those who loves to sleep late at night whether they are “studying” or playing games. In my experience, i played games more than studying during the late nights and i was so sleepy in the lecture the next day and find it so hard to focus.

Secondly, for those who rushes in the morning and forgot to brushes their TEETH. THIS DOES HAPPEN! I have 2 friends with this problems, it’s whether they forgot to brush or they don’t brush at all. And when they started talking to me, i was like what is this. I can’t help myself and i had to move away from him bcs the smell was awful.

For me, i always have mentos in my bag. I prefer mint as it will help me tackles these 2 situations. :triumph:

Maintain a clean appearance

This is just for your own hygiene, you don’t want people to look at you in disgust do you? Comb your hair, button up your shirt, fold your long pants rather making it sweep the floor as you walk. Be clean, look clean and others will found it easier to mix with you

Blend in with others

Make friends, talk about something. You don’t want to be lonely for the next 4 years don’t you? Participates in events, play sports and don’t forget to talk with people!!

Have a small bottle of perfume with you

You’ll need this especially if your body sweats a lot. Or the place you’re staying is surrounded with factories and lorries that emits heavy smelly smokes. A bit of good smell will make you more comfortable when doing things. So yeah, one bottle of One Drop perfume is fair enough.

Know how to do the little things

Wash your dishes, clean up your room, sweep and mop the floor. This little things are important for you as it will help you to become more independent. Because in uni life, there’s no mum in the house ! You only have yourself and your housemates ! Be smart, be independent.

Have a study schedule

This is required for the hard-to-focus, easily-distracted people like me. My roomate loves to play games and most of the time i am distracted. For me, having a study timetable does help. My timetable starts at night because most of the daytime i will be at campus and not at my room. It does help ! i am a bit distracted at the beginning but after one week, i managed to control and disciplined myself :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your tips, very comprehensive and useful!

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There are also other things that all students should be aware of : financial issues. All students should also be aware of their financial standing and capability, and not just to blend in. Learn how to say no, in lieu of yes too.

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Thanks to dienta_alias for reminding me about this one.

As a student, you wil surely have many friends from your classes, lectures, club and more. Some of them might be close to you and some of them might be the type of person who loves to go out or hanging out to the town or just go to the mamak to “lepak”. Itsokay to lepak sometimes but you need to know your boundaries, you need to know when is the right time to lepak and when you need to do something more important such as assignment, preparing a presentation and even having a good night sleep for the next day ! Its not that you dont like that friend who ask you to lepak with them, its just the matter of priorities, you have something more important to complete first than to lepak with them. So, learn how to say no and manage your priorities right. :slight_smile: