Need Advice For My Grades And Future Path

I’ve done okay in my upper secondary education, but not enough for me to not doubt myself achieving a bright future.

5As for UPSR '12, 8As for PT3 '15, but my SPM progress seems bleak.
I recently scored 2As, 1A-, 3B+s, 1B, 1E, 1G for my mid-year exam. I’m a Science stream student. The As are English and BM. The E is Add Maths while the G is Chemistry.

I’m very worried that I won’t get into any pre-U or uni programs with my terrible Add Maths and Chem grades as well as my other average grades. My only wish for my results is to get at least A- on everything but it seems nearly impossible. A lot of study tips aren’t really useful to me as I tend to relapse on random days and I can’t help it.

I don’t even know what I want to pursue. I’ve always wanted to take up medicine but I’m starting to have doubts because of my not-straight A grades, extremely high tuition costs, and I’m a very shy person who can’t communicate directly with strangers well. I can’t take up other fields like law, art, accountancy, etc. because I have no interest in them.

And now the big questions after my really long story (apologies ;; ) =

  1. What can I do to improve my grades (in terms of managing my constantly anxious yet procrastinating mind)?
  2. Is it important to do well in the trial exam too? Like, will universities take my forecast results into account?
  3. With these current grades that I have, what are my options after SPM? Eg. List of unis/courses that will accept me, which field will suit me.

I apologise again for the long post but many thanks if you have reached this far. :blush:

Hey pal. I failed my chemistry too hahaha. A+ for English. Medical… Try to be more realistic, see what you really like. Form 6 is pretty relaxing if you catch up. I’m really enjoying my time in form 6, hopefully you will too.

Hey there. Your grades are not actually that bad. Work hard for those subjects. Just don’t lose hope. You have mentioned that you always wanted to do medic. If you really want do medic, you must have a strong mindset in the first place. If you give uo easily, then you will be failed. If you really unsure about what course you wanna pursue, my personal advice is list down your strength and weakness. Then, you select the course. You ask yourself what you are really interested. Medic or something else. Don’t ever choose one course just because it pays high salary or someone else asks you do so. There is no point you choose one course that you do not like, and might end up in failure. Choose your course wisely. Don’t regret later. Just bear in mind that nothing is easy unless you work hard for it. Good luck for your spm and future undertakings. Don’t give up :blush: