Paramedic degree program

Hello there. Winnie’s here. I’m doing Bachelor in Biomedical Science. But i hv the plan to take double degree in paramedic sc. My question

  1. Is it graduate fr paramedical degree prog made me a paramedic? Or other test and study needed?
  2. Is it a 2 years prog or 4 year?
  3. Malaysia paramedical cert qualified internationally or locally?
  4. Will credit i had taken deducted for my double degree or i need to redo every subject?

Responses from you is highly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Winnie. In Malaysia, all medical profesionals had to be approved before practice by the Malaysian Medical Council, and it is safe to say that includes paramedic too. Do check with your university beforehand of the degree’s capability locally or internationally.
A bachelor’s degree is a 4 year program. Foundation or Diploma is 2 years. Therefore, it amounts to 6 years.
To commit to a double degree you must check with your university counselor for the credentials.
Hope this helps.

Thanks. :blush: One more question, one hv to get a medicine degree cert if wanna work i emergency room?

Working in an emergency room can have lots of meaning. Either you’re a standby nurse or doctor, it is still under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Medical Council. Working in the emergency room require hardwork and the capacity to work under pressure, therefore it is no easy job. To answer your question, most probably yes you will have to. But you should probably do further research.