Proofreading Services

Your academic work is so important to ensure your effort is rewarded with an excellent grade. Proofreading is a must to ensure this is achieved. I’d like to offer this service to help you achieve success!

So let’s have a quick look at what is involved in proofreading and editing. At the student proofreading level, your entire document will be checked for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

As an editor and proofreader with 25+ working in professional services and the health industry, I will personally work through the whole document twice to remove all typographic errors, while your references will be checked in the main body of the document as well as your final references list/bibliography.

I recommend this service for those student authors who do not feel at all confident about their English language usage, but would like a second pair of eyes to review their document without making any fundamental changes.

The proofreading process consists of:

  • Removes typographic errors ✓
  • Repairs spelling, grammar, and punctuation ✓
  • Ensures consistency of abbreviations ✓
  • Adjusts in-text and final references ✓
  • Reviews and adjusts table and figure labels ✓
  • Free revision of changes due to comments ✓

Feel free to reach out and contact me to answer any questions or quote you on your current thesis or other written work that you are worried about.

Now running at close to 100% capacity with over 60 reviews now completed in the last 4 months for university students studying in Malaysia and offshore in the middle east.

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