Pursuing to a degree programme in government university

Hello my name is mathaneshan .I recently ended my course which is foundation in engineering at Manipal ,Nilai . I successfully scored an excellent result in the following course (4.0 cgpa ) . I want to pursue my degree in bachelor in chemical engineering . However , the course fee in private recommended universities such as Monash university , UCSI university and Taylors university cost and arm and a leg . Neither me nor my parents could not afford the amount of money offered by the university . The scholarship provided is not what I’m expecting because I want a full scholarship to waive my tuition fee . Hence , my only hope is to enter government university .But I made surveys from counsellors saying that there is a possibility of entering if I score well in my foundation course and there are some agents stating it is not possible to enter government university . My question is, since I ended foundation in a private university , can I enroll my degree course in government university in MALAYSIA ?

Hi, @Mathaneshan1998! I hope it isn’t too late to reply. First of all, congratulations for achieving CGPA 4.0! Technically, you cannot pursue your studies in public universities as you are not qualified to apply for undergraduate placement through UPU. However, you can try to personally contact the administrator of your choice of public university and apply directly to them. I personally think there may be chances your application will be taken into consideration concerning the fact that your academic pointer is merely excellent. You should contact them ASAP because the UPU result will be announced on 1st August.

If let’s say your application is declined and you still have to enrol in the private institution, I suggest you search any available scholarships outside from the university itself. There are many scholarships provided for chemical engineering students like you such as Shell, Yayasan Khazanah, etc. Nonetheless, most scholarships for undergraduate students usually require your first/latest semester result of your undergraduate programme AND your foundation result. It doesn’t hurt to struggle financially for the first semester if you are willing to take risks and committed to hunting for scholarships. PTPTN should be the last choice to be taken into your main concern.

Good luck and may the Force be with you.

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