Questions About SPM Add Maths / Mod Maths

  1. Calculator Tips :
    What can we do with our calculators to solve Maths / Add Maths problems? I’ve just learned about my calculator’s Base Number feature as well as multiplying matrices. I’m using a Casio fx-570MS calculator, but I noticed that there are other modes which may help in Add Maths. Can anyone help explain how to use the modes to solve SPM Add Maths / Maths questions?

  2. Standard normal distribution table :
    During the actual SPM Add Maths exam, will the table be given to each candidate along with formula sheets?


If I have anymore questions, I’ll update this post. Other users with questions about these subjects can comment here too :star2:

as for calculator i am using Casio fx-570ES Plus , it has many more functions and more easier to see fractions.

Yes, the table will be given during the exam so you do not need to worry

But what functions can I use to help me in Mod Maths / Add Maths questions? Eg. Integration, Probability Distribution, etc.