Rejected upu application

Hi :)My upu application for degree has been rejected. Is there anyone who has experienced this before? What should I do to get into ipta and is there any uni that allows direct application ?
Thank you

To be able to offer more helpful advice, perhaps you could first share more details on your case:

  • What was your STPM / diploma / asasi CGPA result?
  • Which course did you apply and at which university?
  • Do you meet the minimum requirements of that specific course at the university?
  • Do you meet the specific requirements of that specific course at the university?
  • When you applied UPU, did you mark yes or no for the question “do you accept course assignment other that your choices?”
  • What was your koku marks?
  • How was your MUET score?

Without more info from you, we could only offer the following general advices to anyone who has got his / her UPU application rejected:

  • Appeal online and make sure the course choices you select during appeal are really those courses that you meet both the minimum and specific requirements and at the same time not too competitive (where most / all of those enrolled have way higher CGPA than yours).
  • Contact the university’s faculty’s department person-in-charge directly to discuss opportunity to get admitted - they should have a good knowledge on the CGPA result of those they’ve enrolled.
  • Start to consider alternative options to further study such as private colleges / technical colleges etc that have longer academic requirements and higher acceptance rates.