Sarawak Energy Diploma and Degree Scholarships 2015

Sarawak Energy Scholarship Programme 2015

The scholarship covers expenses which include tuition and exam fees. It supports courses for Diploma and Bachelor Degree in either Engineering / Science or Non-Engineering fields. The Engineering / Science category includes Electrical Power, Mechanical, Hydrology, Geology, Environmental Science and Management, Environmental, Telecommunication, and Civil among others. Whereas for Non-Engineering fields, applicants can pursue a career in Safety, Legal, Quantity Surveying, Finance, Accounting, Internal Audit, Communications, Information Technology, Human Resources, Arts and more.

The general eligibility requirements for the scholarship are;

  •   Must not be more than 21 years old at the time of application.
  •   Have secured an unconditional offer/admission letter from any of the approved Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia;
  •   Must not be a recipient of any other scholarship from other organizations or foundations;
  •   Strong leadership skills, team player and active participation in 

extra-curricular activities such as societies and clubs, sports, etc.

  •   No other sibling or family member is/was a recipient of this scholarship.
  •   The applicants chosen institution must be:
      - Public Institutions and Universities in Malaysia;
      - JPA approved Private Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia;
      - JPA approved international universities based in Malaysia; and
      - Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)  Accredited for Degrees
      - Engineering Degree Programme to be recognised by the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM).

As long as applicants fulfil the requirements, they are eligible to apply for the scholarship at any stage of their higher education be it matriculation, foundation level, at any semester or even in the final year of their programme.

Applicants must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.0 or equivalent for their Matriculation, Diploma or Degree.

For applicants who had just completed their SPM or STPM, they would need a scoring of a minimum of 7As in the SPM or a minimum of 3As and 1B in the STPM in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Malay Language, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Biology, Principles of Account, Commerce, Basic Economics, Geography, Islamic Education, Moral Education, Arabic Language, Tassawur Islam and Syariah Islam Studies.

Application forms and further information can be obtained by contacting the SEB/SESCO Training Centre or visit the website at Completed application forms and certified copies of documents must be submitted to Manager, Competency Training Division, SEB/SESCO Training Centre, Jalan Belian, Sungai Biawak, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak. Intending applicants can also call 082-309428 for enquiries or fax to 082-339879.

Closing date is on 31st July 2015. Shortlisted candidates for interview will be called for interview by September.

To get more scholarship details or to apply, visit Sarawak Energy External Scholarship Programme 2015