Scholarship for Part time course

May I know any scholarship available for part time student degree?
Thank you.

Yes, you can check Malaysia Scholarships.

What part time course are you doing and at which university @emily94?

@Ong i get bachelor degree in business adminstrator at UKM PKP.

Interesting, didn’t know Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) actually has this Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan (PKP) that offers so many degree courses as part time courses.

When you read the terms of some scholarships, it specifically mentions that they are open for full time undergraduate students. You are not eligible to apply these scholarships as you are part-time students.

However, they are many scholarships which do not specify that, so you are eligible to apply.

Just for your information, you can always apply PTPTN loan if you do not get any scholarship.

nowsday mostly mention on full time student. that why i can’t find at all.
but also thanks for your info.

Yes, most scholarships offer full time students only as they assume that part time students work full time so these part time students have income to support their own studies.

Perhaps you want to withdraw your EPF to cover your tuition fees?

Courses that are allowed under the EPF Withdrawal Scheme

Local Higher Educational Institutions
Academic Courses pursued either full time, part time or through distance learning.

Courses of study that are offered by:

  1. Public universities;
  2. Government institutions of higher learning such as polytechnics and community colleges or any other higher education institutions under the jurisdiction of Central or State Government agencies;
  3. Private higher educational institutions approved by the Private Higher Education Management Sector, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) or the National Accreditation Board (LAN/MQA);
  4. Branch campuses of foreign universities established in Malaysia

Courses of Study Eligible for a PTPTN Loan

The PTPTN study loan is offered to students at:

  1. Diploma level at public universities, private higher educational institutions and polytechnics;
  2. Public universities and private higher educational institutions pursuing Bachelor’s degree programmes;
  3. Public universities pursuing Master’s, PhD and professional qualifications; and,
  4. Part-time courses and distance-learning courses at public universities.

no. i more prefer scholarship or ptptn. i just hope can found scholarship to reduce the loan only. because i also fresh graduate from diploma only.