Scholarships availability


I get 2A+, 1A, 5A-, 1B+, and 1C+ in my SPM 2015. Can you tell me which scholarship is still available with my accievement given? I need to know it immediately since there were many scholarships that have reach to it deadline


Since it is urgent, I think you should visit these two links to check by yourself which scholarship you are eligible to apply based on your result.

Scholarships for SPM and STPM Result Holders

Malaysia Scholarships


i got straight As in spm15…i would like to apply for scholarship but due to my research, it seems like most of the scholarships are not available for medicine…what are the scholarships available for medicine course? :slight_smile:


Which university are you applying? If you are studying at local university, tou can apply for JPA’s PIDN scholarship (Program Ijazah Dalam Negara), it is opens for medical courses as well.

The JPA PIDN scholarship is not open for 2016 yet. Make sure you enter your email to join Malaysia Scholarships to receive the notification email when it opens later this year.

I really want to be a doctor

i applied for public university…so is it true that only JPA and MARA offers scholarship for medical course? because i still cant find others which are availabe to be applied now :frowning: thank you for the respond :slight_smile:


Hi redpie. JPA Scholarship for medical course is yet to be opened. You will be able to apply for medical programs in UPU for UPNM or UPM. These are sure tracks towards pursuing a medical course. However, it closes at 5th April 2016 as everyone knows. You can try the website Malaysia Scholarships to know more. Good luck!!