Science or Art stream: To stay or to change?

I just started form 4 this year, got average results for PT3; 5A4B. I got placed in 4 Science 2 but I wanted to change to either sub science or arts because I don’t think I am capable of handling pure science subjects. I was debating whether to go to sub science or arts but I chose sub science because 1. I was under pressure as I had to hand in the class change form by then and 2. It seemed much better than arts at that time. After speaking a lot to my teachers and friends, I thought I had settled on staying in sub science but it wasnt after a week later (and me constantly bringing up which was the right choice along with me being uber frustrated) that I realised I didn’t want to learn Chemistry and Accounts. It seems like such a bore to me and it wasn’t relevant to what course I want to pursue in college which is animation. Here’s my dilemma;

I want to change to Arts because it seems like it has easier subjects to get an A+ but at the same time, I’m not interested in perdagangan. I’m fine with geografi but I rather not. In science, I want to learn Physics but not chemistry and accounts. I’m also fine with Add maths but I don’t think I can get a good score in it because I’m quite average in maths.

So bottom line, I want physics, arts and maybe geografi as an extra subject in case I dont get an A for Arts. Which stream is the best for me?

P.s: I thought of going 4SS5 because the only elective subject is Seni. I could take up physics and geo as extra subjects but I’m not sure if I can survive there. Plus, the teachers may not be as committed but I wouldn’t know.
I don’t mean to sound like a brat that only wants to study what I want to but I’m really desperate as I’ve been debating with myself over this matter for the past 2 weeks. Half of the advice I’ve received was to choose whatever that gave me more A’s and whats compatible with myself. The other was to stay in science, that I can handle it and it can serve as a backup plan if my passion for arts and animation wavers.

Hi @Belle, one more point for you to consider, what is your ambition? If you are still not very sure about your career interest, try to do some career interest / personality test at your school counseling unit. Once you are clear about your ambition, it will be much easier to decide whether to focus on Science or Arts stream.

By the way, you are not alone in the dilemma in choosing Arts vs Science stream. I highly recommend you to read the following articles which might be helpful in your decision making, though they were written for STPM students.

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Why not go for something that you can handle? What are the subjects that you get A for PT3? Try to analyse your strengths & weaknesses. But whichever stream you might choose later, do study hard & don’t “honeymoon” or else you will regret it when you are in Form 5. Good luck!

(Sorry if my reply is too late, though u.u)