Should i go to politeknik

Hi, im a chinese student just graduated from 5 in 2015 and now currently continue my study in form six. But now im receiving an offer letter from Politeknik sultan idris shah in Sabak Bernam Selangor. My parents are hoping me to go there because they said that form six is quite hard. Please give me some suggestion should i continue my study there? Is Politeknik good? Is it only Malays students over there and I will be the only chinese ? Please help me.

Polytechnic curriculum is more skill / practical oriented, in other words, more hands-on and less textbook theories. Do you prefer more practical or do you prefer more theory? Form six is similar to form five except that the stpm syllabus is a lot more harder for every subjects.

It is true that in polytechnics Chinese students are very few - less than 10% or 5% depending on which polytechnic.

Whether polytechnic is good or not depending on your ambition and future career. What job do you want to work after you graduate?

My ambition is to be an engineer. Will I be able to proceed to degree after
i graduated in Polytechnic with the course Diploma in electronic
engineering (computer) ?

Yes, after you finish your course and graduate with a Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer), you many apply for engineering degree course using your diploma result. If you plan to further study at local public university (IPTA / Universiti Awam), you will be competing with STPM leavers for the university places. However, you may skip certain courses that you have already taken during your diploma, hence you should be able to graduate at least one semester or one year faster than your STPM leavers admitting in the same batch.

Actually taking a diploma course is a good choice because you will be learning specific curriculum and topics on Electronic Engineering (Computer) instead of learning about general Physics, Chemistry etc in STPM. When you get into the degree programme, you will be very familiar with many of the topics and have a strong foundation compared to STPM students who just learn the topic for the first time.