Simple Ways to Improve Our English

Now that DPM said undergraduates do not have good command of English, instead of arguing with him whether this is right or wrong or what are the reasons contributing to this… I suggest we go and take action to improve our English now!

  1. Read English articles.
  2. Watch English movies with subtitles.
  3. Listen to English songs.
  4. Start a blog in English.
  5. Write to a pen pal in English speaking country.
  6. Write in your diary/journal in English.
  7. Be best friends with a good English dictionary.
  8. Speak the language whenever you can.
  9. Learn a new word a day.
  10. Learn new phrases, idioms or proverbs a day.

10 Simple Ways to Improve Our English

I would like to add one item to the list: write a post in English in a student forum like this!

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While these are all great tips to improve our English, and I wholeheartedly agree, I would like to share a few personal tips that work perfectly for me.
Find something you are passionate about in the English language - and EXPLORE!

  1. For my case, it was fandoms. Yes, you heard me correctly!

It is a matter of fact that a lot of students, being the young people that we are, tend to become fans of various things, be they books, movies, games, or even real life people, namely celebrities. I am an active member of a number of fandoms, and since English is the universal language, I found that 90% of the fandoms converse and discuss with each other using english.

Hence I got to brush up on my English since I was using it so much! Whether to exchange opinions or simply to gush over what we love, we use English. The point is, we are doing what we love. No pressure at all. This is a valuable chance to harness the language.

Friendly communities include, a community where the people help each other out. There are also blogs that focus on teaching the english language.

  1. Fanfiction. If the word “fan” is unnerving you, don’t let it do so! I will do my best to elaborate to those that are unfamiliar with the term.

Fanfiction is basically fiction based on fandoms. It is very well suited for students since you can not only read, but write as well. It is a place where you share your work and people review them, giving you tips and advice. Popular websites include and , more commonly known as AO3.

Like before, you get to have fun since the worlds you love so much can be explored even further. For example, there are more than 543K stories in the Harry Potter Fanfiction Archive on , it’s a treasure trove! Of course, we have to take it upon ourselves to filter the good from the bad since anyone, literally anyone can post fanfiction.