Spm is around the corner and im still messy

Hi guys…can you help me its 41 days left to spm but the problem is i dont have any preparations, on my last trials i only get 3A and still got Cs and Ds for physics,chemistry,addmaths and bio
plus nowadays im so emotional (quite sensitive ) and my friends always picking on me
i stayed at hostel and lately my homesick is really really bad.sometime i thoughts of just face the spm and whatever happen,let it be (pasrah lah…)
; how can i overcome all this, ;how to score all the pure science subjects help me godddddddddddddddddddddddd

I Almost Flunked in My SPM Trial Exams - 7 Tips on Keeping Continuous Momentum Till the End of SPM

  1. Get your time right.
  2. Get the right schedule of yourself.
  3. Get the right materials for the period that last.
  4. Get yourself the right and clean intention.
  5. Get the right company.
  6. Get the right study group and the right people in the study group.
  7. Get the right attitude.