Statistics 2 or Mechanics 1 for A-Levels

My college has set that it’s compulsory to take statistics 1 for AS which I am studying for right now. For my A2, my college allows us to choose between stats 2(paper 7) and mechanics 1(paper 4). Can someone give me some good advice on which to choose? My lecturers advised that if I go for a field in bio for degree, I should take stats 2 and if I want to do engineering, I should take mechanics. I am interested in the biosciences degree and yet I was also considering to do chemical engineering. So, I need help because I can’t make a decision. Some advice will suffice. Thank you!!

Hi, I am currently doing my degree in Mechanical Engineering. In my opinion, if you are interested in Chemical Engineering, you don’t really need lots of mechanics except for prob fluid mechanics which A-Level mechanics prob won’t help at all. For your information, I took Stats 1 and Mechanics 1. However I don’t find the mechanics 1 paper to be challenging at all as most of the stuff is covered in physics. Therefore if you are interested in biomedical studies or looking to learn something new, I would recommend going for stats 2.


Thank you!! Your comment is of great help!! :grinning: