Student must stop thinking negatively


oh no! tomorrow is add maths subject! i surely will fail… not being sarcastic but this is the reality. student must stop thinking negatively because it will bring us down… not literallylah :joy: why do you back off before going to a war? we can simply live a positive life with surrounding ourself with positive vibes. i guarantee it will result in positive thinking! change your mind set that is the most important thing! if you think it’s tough and you can’t do it, you’re out of track. you must believe in yourself. you must believe that you, yourself can do it! that is one of the key to success. you have to believe that you can do it despite of all challenges you may face. it all up to you… depending on luck is also a negative attitude… success doesn’t come coincidencely… it’s hardwork, patient, persistency, faithfulness, commitment, tears, stress, challenges and many more… i believed what we sow is what we will crop in the future… if you put lots of effort in studying, it will surely work out… if it didn’t, don’t ever give up because no building is build in one day… reflect what you’ve done… is it enough? should you change your style studying?.. it all depends on our self-discipline and willingness! may you be blessed with my sharing! last but not least, let us live a happier student’s life with stop thinking negatively! :blush: