Studying abroad


Hi, I’m currently preparing myself for SPM next year and I’ve always wanted to study abroad especially in the UK. Should I take the A-Level to make sure that I’m qualified to study in the UK?


Studying in the UK is a good goal. Are there any particular areas in the UK that you’re interested in?

I think A-Levels is a good pre-U course to further your studies in the UK because its examination board is based there. A-Levels is useful if you’re planning to study in the UK and Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada. Plus, it can help you if you’re still undecided about what field to pursue since you can choose your subjects. It’s also less restrictive than, say, foundation courses at certain universities and area-specific pre-U courses.

However, do note that your progress is entirely 100% exam based. So, it’ll be a bit like going back to school where your grades are determined by your finals. Although you’ll only have to choose 3-4 subjects to take in A-Levels, it is said to be quite challenging due to its analyse and apply concept.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good pre-U option. I find this page and website to be very useful in researching about post-SPM options since I myself will be starting pre-U next year. I wish you all the best for your SPM next year and your post-SPM education!


Hi! I am a student who just finished my A Levels. I took 4 subjects and although it’s just 4 subjects, it is quite tough if you’re not prepared. Like what happycat said, it’s a 100% exam based so even if you don’t do your homework in classes, it wouldn’t affect your grades since the exam papers are not marked by your lecturers. However, there’s a lot of things to remember and like i said, you have to be well prepared for your lessons. I know ppl who can cope and I also know ppl who can’t. I do have classmates who play all day and still do well so I guess it still depends on the person taking the exams :grin:


And also, try to do well in your SPM as well! Just taking A levels may not ensure that you are qualified to study in UK as certain universities will want to see your SPM results as well. ALL THE BEST!