Studying in Overseas

Hello there!
Aspiring to study overseas?
The first thing you need is to improve your English before studying abroad so that you are able to communicate with foreign students from all around the world.
Improve your English by taking courses at British Council!
There are various courses provided by British Council
For more information,Google for British Council.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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I personally suggest that students who wish to pursue their studies overseas should take IELTS or TOEFL to know their limits. For IELTS, a person should score an band 7 at least, as it is the minimum requirement to enter most of the university in UK (good and famous school) and I don’t think you will be suffering with your English proficiency if you score a band 7 in your IELTS isn’t? hahah

Yes British Council also have various courses including IELTS.
There are also part time English courses too,so students can consider taking part time English courses while studying their Diploma/A level/Foundation so that they would not waste their time taking 2-3 more years studying English after completing their respective courses
If you are interested you can definitely google for British Council!

Hello, I’m a Malaysian but lived in Holland and now currently in Istanbul. I would like to bring attention to study abroad in Turkey. If you are interested or known anyone who is interested in furthering their studies in Istanbul or any where else in Turkey, please contact me. This is not a scam. I will lead you through with the guidelines of Turkish education department laws, studies, budgets, accommodations and of course the universities in Turkey.

If we could email, then we are able to talk more and I will be able to show more options.

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Hello, i’m a 2017 SPM candidates. What can i do to study in turkey in IT courses as soon as possible after finished my spm?

  1. find out which university in Turkey you want to study, in that university, look for the right department/school
  2. Find out if the courses are taught in English for international students
    3, if they require an IELTS test, sit for IELTS test
  3. What academic results required, (just proof of secondary school completion? IGCSE?)

if you are sure you want to enter that school
Email/fax/call them to know more details or what documents they need to process your admission letter’: visa, medical, school docs

if you want a scholarship,
ask if there is any scholarship by the Turkish government, find out from the turkey embassy website in malaysia (email or call)

Useful tip: get in touch with malaysian student community (Facebook, instagram) in Turkey, they may give you useful guides and just follow it