Teaching in primary/secondary school

if i take the master of education in IPTA after my degree, is there a high chance that i will be posted in primary or secondary school if i apply? Im currently studying degree in private university.

Master of education has nothing to do with being posted in primary or secondary schools. You still need to apply for DPLI / KPLI in order to teach at primary / secondary school. If you are really passionate about teaching at government schools, why don’t you try Teach for Malaysia (TFM)? It’s an easier way to kick start your teaching career in Malaysia.

Can u explain to me how can i become a teacher through Teach for Malaysia?

From 11 Ways to Become a Teacher in Malaysia:

Degree - Teach for Malaysia - SMK / SK

This is another new route that I know. You can join Teach For Malaysia NGO which is active in preparing teachers for critical subjects in schools that are in need of teachers.

Those who apply to join Teach For Malaysia program will be filtered and given school for posting. During the weekend they have to attend kursus pemantapan perguruan with Teach For Malaysia friends. The contract is for 2 years, then they can choose to continue to be a teacher or stop.

Apply Teach for Malaysia (TFM) here https://www.teachformalaysia.org/Apply-@-Apply_Now.aspx

wat is the durattion for kursus pemantapan?