To study overseas

Hello. Can anybody please tell me what does an SPM leaver need to know when planning to study abroad? What preparation programmes need to be taken? Should I go to matriculation or any other pre-university options? All in one, what to do after SPM? Thank you for any one who would like to share.

Hi, since your question is quite general (you didn’t mention about your financial background like whether through scholarship or self funded, you didn’t mention which country, which university or what course), I can only provide general suggestion below.

Since you are planning to do a degree course overseas, you need to do a pre-university course locally first and use the result to apply the degree course at overseas university of your choice. If your family can afford it, you should go for a pre-university programme that is recognized by your target overseas university like A-level, IB etc.

If your family can’t afford it but you score pretty good result in SPM, you can apply plenty of scholarships to get sponsored for both your pre-university education in Malaysia and your tertiary education overseas.

Also, you will need to take either IELTS or TOEFL during your pre-university year so that you get the English test result before you apply for the degree course. This is because overseas university admission will have minimum requirement on your English proficiency.

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Just sharing. First you must decide where to go of course. If it is the United States, then I would suggest American Degree Transfer Program and take TOEFL. United Kingdom? Definitely A levels and IELTS . Australia? Take SAM/AUSMAT. Also depends on your financial capability too.