Universities In Malaysia That Teach In English

Can anybody give me a list of universities (local or private) in Malaysia that teach its courses in English?

I know a lot of local universities use Malay as their language medium, but there are several that provide certain courses in English. Most private institutions use English but it depends on their majority student group.

I’m looking for English-medium universities that have a diverse/open-minded environment, good education, and also affordable. Local universities seem to be cheaper but private ones are promoting better learning quality.

Any university would do so feel free to suggest as many as you want (bonus points if it comes from personal experience).
Just as reference, I’m a Science stream student with an interest in biohealth sciences whose preferred learning language is English.

U should go oversea, i was talking to my romanian friend (i am currently studying in china and my courses are in english) they offer a lot of scholarships to students, courses in english of course

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Studying overseas sounds good and is one of my wishes, but it is quite expensive and scholarships are mostly merit-based. However, it is the better option if one is interested to find courses in English, as you have said.

I’m interested to study in Europe, mainly the Netherlands since most people there are fluent in English and it’s a laidback place.

You could try to go for an exchange first to see if you really like that place. I have friends who did that first then continue her Masters there. She is a student of IBS, BFSU.
Try look for government scholarships, it is a lot of work but it is worth it. Gov scholarship usually don’t look for only merits, they want more or something special, like your achievements in sports or participation in organizations

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Actually, a lot of private universities use English as their language medium. And if you’re considering biohealth sciences, the courses are usually even more so in English.(eg. IMU, Nottingham msia campus, NUMed) And if you’re planning to go overseas with scholarships, I would suggest private sectors scholarships (but health sciences scholarships are very difficult to come by- speaking from experience because I am planning to study pharmacy) Government scholarships now are not really scholarships. They are now convertible loan. If you work in Msia after uni, you don’t have to pay back a single cent but if you want to work overseas, you have to pay back 100% of your university fees. But it also depends on which scholarship you applied to.

I’m sorry for bumping this post but I’m stuck in this dilemma again. I’ve been doing some research and right now, I have a few options I can consider:

a) UM’s Special Prepatory Programme to enter Japanese Universities


  • Course is most probably taught in English (along with Japanese learning)
  • I’m familiar with Japanese culture so there wouldn’t be much culture shock


  • Entry requirements are high (all As for SPM… Wow…)
  • Not guaranteed if can pursue biomedical sciences or medicine under this programme

b) UM’s Science Foundation (PASUM)


  • UM has a good reputation (usually known as the best university in Malaysia)
  • Cheap since it’s a public university


  • Courses are most probably taught in BM (not really sure. can someone verify this?)
  • Progress would stagger (because I’m not used to learning science stuff in BM)
  • I might stand out for being different. I don’t wear headscarves and I’m really quiet.

c) International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)


  • English environment, including courses and spoken language
  • Full of foreign students
  • Cheap, because public uni


  • I don’t think I can keep up with an Islamic environment
  • Again, I might stand out. This is a huge problem for me because I am very self-conscious

d) A-Levels or Foundation at Private Universities


  • English environment
  • Might have a community of like-minded people
  • Usually better facilities


  • Really, really, expensive. I’m hoping to save this as a last resort.
  • Not sure if degree is accepted by the Malaysian government. It’s a rule of thumb to be on the look-out for bogus or uncertified degrees.

e) Foreign Universities (with scholarship)


  • Exposure to the outside world
  • Most of the time in English
  • Some places are highly regarded, such as the UK or Australia


  • Expensive. It will really hurt one’s wallet.
  • Scholarships for this kind of path usually have high requirements (in merit and interviews)
  • Unsure if degree is accepted by the Malaysian government. For example, a Dutch medical degree is only recognisable in the EU

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. I’m just looking for cheap, affordable, and certified ways to further my studies in English and in a comfortable environment. Again, I would like to study medicine or anything related to it such as biomedical sciences.

Since you’re considering medicine and you want an affordable way out, take STPM then do your best to enter USM or UM. I wouldn’t advice taking foundation in UM since it shuts out other options in case you change your mind. UM’s medical courses were taught in English quite a few years back, not sure whether it’s the same now.

Most overseas degrees are accepted here, but you have to go through housemanship again when you return.

Try applying for scholarships if you’re worried about the financial part, you never know till you try, don’t back out because of high requirements.

I Know there are few Universities left in Malaysia which teaches English. But English is international language so the importance of English is not faded, Many Universities do offer English Courses.

  1. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

  2. University of Malaya

  3. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

  4. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

  5. UCSI University

These are 5 Top rated University in Malaysia that offers English Courses.