WARNING! SKIP THE DIPLOMA, It is not worth it (personal experience) updated

If you can score 5As and above, you should NEVER APPLY! I will only write it if there are more than 60 views here

ASK ANYONE WHO STUDIED DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH IN UPSI, some of them are teachers now and we have our stories…

I can’t turn back the clock anymore, nor I can blame anyone for the lack of info. But what I can tell is those 3 years spent in a university did not give me a bachelor degree, and I needed to wait another 6 months, just to get my transcript so I can apply for my degree. By the time I got my transcript, It is already one week too late for UPU bachelor degree application… MY HEART SANK and I WAS EXTREMELY MAD AT THE SYSTEM. From that time onwards, I laugh at how pathetic Malaysia Education System is… You can’t blame the teachers, I was from the best teaching training school and I know more than any teacher from a maktab or the IPT out there, they are the victims of this ridiculous system too.

anyway, there is an incident at our last semester back in 2013, our lecturer told us that it is impossible … (I have to continue this later )

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