What are some good tips and strategies for writing an academic paper?

  1. Prepare your figures and tables before anything else. Decide how many you need, and what material or data you could use to produce powerful graphics. If you don’t yet have intriguing, thought-provoking figures and persuasive tables of your best data, then you are not ready to write a paper. Like any human being, reviewers and experienced readers look at the pictures first, and they can quickly determine the value of your work by your figures without reading even a single word.

  2. Keep your abstract short, and write it after everything else. You want somebody to skim your abstract in less than 15 seconds, say ‘hmm that’s interesting’ and then start on the Introduction proper (or at least download your paper for later). An effective abstract can win readers from the start. I’ve seen some monster-sized abstracts that simply defeat the purpose of this mini-section; it’s meant to be a hook, not a firehose. 200 words is a reasonable limit. Anything longer comes off clunky and long-winded. Writing the abstract after the rest of the paper is complete will help you crystallize the work better without gushing/rambling.

  3. A detailed and abundantly-cited Introduction only makes your work look better. Some writers are miserly with cited literature and descriptions of previously published work, for fear of cheapening the perceived impact of their own findings. But a detailed account of the current state of the art will illustrate the breadth and depth of efforts in tackling the problem by the scientific community at large, and by that indirectly emphasize the significance and reach of your conclusions.

I guess those are very useful tips. From my own experience, I can add something more
make your thesis obvious throughout;
stay on topic, but It does not mean being one sided;
write what you mean, mean what you write;
be professional and diplomatic;
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Good luck!