Where can we get or buy SPM past year paper on all subjects?


Does anybody know where can we get or buy latest SPM past year papers for all core and elective subjects in Malaysia? I am looking for 3 years with complete subjects. It should be as recent as possible.

I already try ask pelangi, sasbadi and oxford fajar. Please help…

Thanks in advance.

SPM Past Years’ Question Papers (Koleksi Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan SPM Sebenar) 2005 - 2015

You can download online for free here.

Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Sebenar (KSPS) SPM

You can buy this paperback book (publisher: Penerbitan IMT) from major bookstores like POPULAR, MPH, BORDERS etc. Of course, buy the latest version which includes 2015 SPM past year question paper.

Thanks Kai. I know about malaysia-students.com but they don’t have complete subjects. Penerbitan IMT would be much helpful. :slight_smile:

Went to bookstore recently and saw that the latest version (including 2015 spm papers) are available. Here are the design of the book cover:

Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Sebenar SPM 2009 - 2015

Nice, it seems really the latest copy by KPM. Which book store did you see that? Is there any answers included in the book?

The bookstore I went was Borders at Tropicana City Mall PJ but it should be available at other bookstores in other places.

Yes, full answer is provided.

I brought a copy. Very nice book! :grin: :thumbsup:

Download from google play and App store for free

Search key " SPM"