Which colleges is the best institution for taking Cambridge A Levels?

1. KDU University College

45% of KDU students score 3A’s and above in their A Level. They have proven time and time again that the experienced lecturers on-campus has made an impact in bringing quality education to Malaysians, with a total of 67 high-achievers in 2013. Not only do KDU graduates obtain stellar academic performances, they are also equipped with the soft skills that they need to dive into employment.

2. Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

Widely renowned for their A Level Express Route, the BAC curriculum is designed specially to enable students to start as early as January and graduate up to two years earlier than their peers. Having numerous awards under their belt, BAC is recommended for SPM/IGCSE leavers who are interested in studying Law and be affiliated with a UK university.

3. First City University College

Affordable, affordable, affordable! A Level in First City University College is relatively lower in price as compared to its close counterparts but don’t let that fool you as their optimum class size of 15-25 provides a holistic, personalised varsity environment with class size up to about 5-10 students. That means better personal attention given to more challenging subjects!