Who can teach me add math?

I really need someone who can teach me add math…i try to ask the pro one at my school but they’re so busy…so i hope someone can give some help maybe…btw i always got 20-30+ marks in add math paper…that’s all
Thank you :slight_smile:

@tsukichihiro hey there :slight_smile: I can teach you that subject but in form 4 only because Imma form 4 rn & not a form 5 student :sunny:

P/s : not all the questions I can answer it correctly ><

Really ?? how you’re gonna teach me then ?

Actually im not good in certain topic only in form 4…like chapter 9 ?

Really ?? how you’re gonna teach me then ?

Chapter 9 is differentiation … Hmm, i’ll try my best to teach you … Are you spm candidates 2k16 ? Btw , do you have any media social such as wechat ? If yes , then you can send the question that you weak to me on wechat

No i dont have huhu you can contact me via this email …is it okay ? Btw
what gred you always get for this paper if you dont mind to answer it …

Ahhh I see … It’s ok ^^ … Of course i don’t mind …

Pk 1 - 78
Mid year - 36 ( that time i was lazy to study because I was sick so yup I failed & the questions really difficult tho )
Pk 2 - 84
Final exam - (ahaa xD coming soon)

My marks not so consistent … Pity me :’))

Hey that’s good result ! Can you give your full email bcs this email link
to student malaysia website

hey tsukichihiro, you can check out my forum at helpmeforum.net. Most of the good students are discussing there. You can post any questions there and we will help you!

I can teach very well… But unfortunately in Ghana. U can think of a way… Maybe online teaching

i can help you for sure.

@tsukichihiro Hahah thank you :slight_smile: nsyazwana0010@gmail.com

i am not a pro in add maths but then i has some tips that can u
1.start your paper 2 from section C (THIS IS BECAUSE THE CHAPTERS WILL INDEKS AND SOLUTION TRIANGLES WHICH IS EASY ALTHOUGHT KBAT) so do more practise in these two chapters then practise chapter linear law. :grinning::bulb: