Why did I study in Beijing?

Whenever a student just completed SPM asked me, why did i choose to study in Beijing?

Now the fees of IBS, BFSU is similar to fees from Taylors university or Nottingham university.
In IBS, you study 4 years, and get a bachelor degree in Managment. Here, it is called Management and not business administration.
According to my prof from the UK, he thinks the word Management sounds better too.

The tuition fee is about RM28,000 /year after conversion excluding dorm fee and daily expenditure.
You can do you own comparison by searching the fees of other universities online.

Now, what’s great about being in IBS,BFSU?

  1. Classmates from different countries.
    If you study in malaysia, you are going to have most of your classes with your fellow Malaysian mates. But here, you are going to learn how to work with people from all over the world. It won’t be easy, because each person has a different understanding according to different mindsets, culture and background. We are talking about 40 students from at least 10 different countries. For example, marketing class will have students from:
    Indonesia, south Africa, south Korea, Australia, united states, Tanzania, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, finland, italy, france, mongolia and …then Malaysia(me)

  2. Professors from abroad
    We have both chinese professors and foreign professors. And the classes are all conducted in English.

  3. Immersion week
    Immersion week is a compulsory activity to take part, where you will study different companies for a week and come up with an analysis or report and present it. You will get to visit the big companies in China such as Lenovo, Baidu, Haier, Midea, Tencent(company of wechat) and some of startups to learn how companies develop.

lastly, Dynamic environment.
There’s always something new happening around the corner. If you seen O-Bikes around KL area, Beijing had that 1 year ago in Beijng, The bike sharing service in Beijing are mainly OFO Bikes and Mobikes.
Don’t forget, China is also the birthplace of Alibaba, who currently have big shares in lazada too.

Curious to know more? message me here. bye

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