Why do people want to become doctors?

People become doctors because they enjoy challenges, have an interest in science and the way the body works, and they enjoy learning. Doctors are also well paid, with most physicians and surgeons earning more than $187,200 yearly, which equates to around $90 per hour, according to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

A career as a physician or surgeon also brings job security with it, and the need for doctors is anticipated to grow faster than average by 2022, notes the BLS. In fact, there is an anticipated growth of 18 percent in the field, which means there will be a need for 123,300 more doctors in 2022 than the number of jobs available for doctors in 2012, which was 691,400.

Doctors are also well-respected in society. Thus, accompanied by various reasons (high salary, a sincere interest in helping others), students aspire to become a doctor. However, their efforts cannot be discounted as they are often met with many challenges/sacrifices such as lack of rest and the crucial role of dealing with human lives.