Why I chose STPM

Hye all, just to post on some reasons why I choose STPM instead of other Pre-U Programs.

  1. Financial constraints. I wanted to go into Foundation or Diploma but i realised that you need at least RM10,000 for these alternatives. STPM was he cheapest way to go, paying only less than RM500, including uniformas and books etc

  2. Internationally recognised. After STPM, I actually apllied to UK and also AUstralia. Even though its a cheaper alternative, but it keeps your options open. You can still go out of the country provided that you must score well.

  3. I did not know where or what was my future career path. STPM has a longer duration compared to other alternatives, so it could buy me some time before I eventually choose the right path in terms of career planning and also what I wanted to study for my degree.

  4. In keeping my options open, it allows me to go into the local universities through UPU and also to the private universities. If i had chosen A-Levels or AUSMAT etc, I would most probably have to continue in IPTS. But STPM lets me go into IPTA also.

  5. Scoring well for STPM made it easier to apply for scholarships during degree. I followed this and was awarded with 100% scholarship for my degree. In my opinion, STPM was harde, so if you score well, unis would pay more attention to your CV and there are less people taking this route. It could make you stand out more. When I applied for scholarships after SPM, I didn’t get much call back as compared to STPM. I think because there are many applicants for SPM thus more competition.

This is just from my point of view. It may turn out ifferently for every individual. But I hope it could shed some insight to those who are still in delimma choosing their next route. Bear in mind that STPM is really tough, but I would say it was the best time of my life. I had a good school and awesome teachers and friends. Never would have missed a day for school!!!

Please do share with me why you choose your education route. Would love to hear from you.

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I agree with you. Not only is STPM one of the hardest pre-university program in Southeast Asia and the world, it is no wonder that it has been globally recognized. I am doing American Degree Transfer Program and I have been told that STPM students could transfer their credits to US universities. Not only it is cheaped, it is highly credible. The stigma that only failed SPM students chose this path needs to stop.