Why I Regret Getting Straight A1 in SPM


What about you? Do you regret that you worked too hard or too little for your SPM?

I’m sad to say that my upper secondary school life is full of regrets- naturally, not studying hard enough for SPM is one of them. I do consider myself one of the (hundreds or thousands of) bright students, so before Form Four I had always assumed I would ace the SPM. Unfortunately that was not the case.

I was involved in an accident in early March 2013 when I was 16. I didn’t have any of my basics down , be they sciences or mathematics. Being bedridden for six months did nothing to help matters. I was on my own. To make things worse, I was not mentally strong. I wallowed in self-pity.

In hindsight, I had a lot of time to study, since I never left my bed. I had even more time than my peers who had to travel to and fro, hustling to school and to their respective tuition centres. However, since I had no good foundation, I found the topics difficult to understand - and I gave up.

It was not until I finally got to my feet after months of physiotherapy did I finally emerge from the dark clouds holding me back. By then it was already too late. The teachers were no longer teaching every thing step-by-step since they assumed that students already got the hand of their subjects.

I utterly regret not making good use of the time I had on my hands. Since then I have worked hard, but without the basics, I catch on to easy topics fairly slow. I dropped from being among the top ten of my school to the top fifty. I am currently waiting for my SPM results, and although I am optimistic, I do know that no matter what my results are, the only thought in my mind would be “I could have done better”. This is my regret.

@Dreams Be optimistic. You can score ace in your SPM. Actually you just trade your time, study time to self-develop time. Although you have wallowed in self-pity for six months, you actually learn how to be strong enough and how to solve problems that will face in university. Regret not, really. Use your time wisely. And kindly inform me your SPM result after you receive your SPM result. All the best!!!

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Update : I achieved straight As in SPM. However, I had 8A+s… Missed out on the bursary! Dang!
My Chinese was A- and my Malay A.

I’ll be hoping for local matriculation.

Well done @Dreams, that’s a great SPM result! Why don’t you consider applying for the many scholarships that are available for SPM high achievers like you? I think local matriculation should be your last choice if you don’t get any scholarship.

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