Why you should not stay at home during holidays?

A lot of students like to relax and stay at home during the holidays. But here are some reasons why you should not stay at home.

  1. It’s Boring
    It can be fun for the first 2 weeks, but after that it can get really boring. This is because you’re staying at home and playing games or watching movies. You are not learning actively, and it can result to boredom.

  2. You don’t earn money
    Believe me or not, earning money can be really fun. If you’re considering to buy yourself a gift, or going to study abroad, you should start getting a part time job and save up so you will have some extra cash to spare during emergency.

So what can you do?
Get a part-time job
Getting a part-time job doesn’t only allow you to earn money, it also allows you to learn on the job. You will learn how to communicate, how to make decisions, how to serve customers, how to sell, or how to present yourself. There are many kinds of part-time jobs, you can be a waitress, you can be a salesgirl, or you can take up an internship in a law firm.

Online study
you can google some online courses, one of the most notable ones is Coursera which provide free courses. It only require a small amount of fee for the certificate.
Online studies are not necessary boring, you can pick up some skills like excel formulas, coding, photoshop, movie editing. These skills are going to help you in the future. And all these are available in Youtube.

Getting involve in social media
Believe it or not, social media may be fun, but if you treat it like a long term career, it does require certain skills in photography, lighting, editing and posing. You also need a good friend with you to help you take those photos

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