Working and Studying MBA

I will be going to Segi for my MBA degree. Since the classes are weekend classes I would like to look for job opportunities while I’m there. I have a strong background on web development and App development along with interface designs. Although I have studied Marketing. I have a huge job experience in the IT sector for 3-4 years along with my personal freelancing experience,

What would my job prospect be if I’m there. I would like to support my daily cost along with living cost. Would that be possible? Would it be easy for me to land a job in fields like this in Malaysia?

Hi @adib0313, I assume you are not Malaysian based on your question:

Based on your skills, it is not difficult to find a job in KL/Selangor area as mobile app developer/web developer, the starting salary is around RM3,000/month as mobile development especially for start-up is still kind of hot (in demand) here in Malaysia right now. You can try to use to apply for job and get a sense of the skills in demand and the salary range.

If you are not Malaysian, the question would be if your study visa actually entitles you to work. If not then it would be a challenge to get an employer who is willing to sponsor you a working visa in Malaysia.