Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)

Hi if anyone would like to ask anything about Matriculation u are welcome to ask :blush::blush::blush:


@ainn you might want to ask your questions on matriculation here since we have @marisashanthini who is kind to offer to answer any question on matrikulasi.


Hi @marisashanthini welcome and thank you for your offer!

I went to STPM so I’m always curious how is it like studying at Matrikulasi. Perhaps you can share with us your experience, sweet and funny memories?

Some warm up questions:

  1. How did you get matrikulasi offer? I heard you need to be from luar bandar when you put your address in application form? Not sure if this is true. Also I heard that your SPM result must be very good in order to get matrikulasi offer. So from your experience, did all your friends in matrikulasi score very good results in SPM?

  2. What are the perks of being a matrikulasi student? For example, how much monthly allowance do you get? Other than the regular monthly allowance, do you get other allowance to buy clothes, laptop etc?

  3. Most matriculation colleges are located far from the nearest city / town, so how often do you get to go outings at the nearest town / city?

  4. Are you allowed to bring your handphone? I heard last time many years ago when mobile phones were not as popular as today, the matrikulasi students queue up to make calls using the limited telephone booth only once a week?

Hahaha, I guess that’s all for now. Everyone please ask more questions!

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hi @marisashanthini
how long is the matriculation programme and does the syllabus will be the same like the foundation programme’s syllabus ?

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@ainn Hi ainn. Matriculation is around 11 months plus minus… The syllabus is around 60% same as foundation but it depends on which module u are offered .

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Hello Ong

  1. my results were good so I was offered matrix. I put bandar not luar bandar since I am from Ipoh. My results was 5A+ 4A. All science subjects I got A+ so my chance was higher. Not all students who got matrix scored high on their SPM. They also look into your family background. Parents occupation etc…

  2. the monthly allowance is RM250. For 12 months. We do not get any allowance for laptop and other stuff. The perks of doing matrix is u save a ton of money and it’s really easy to score if u are hardworking and smart.

  3. yes most of the colleges are very far from town. But mine is in kepala batas, Penang. It’s not far from butterworth and near to a few major shopping complex. My college allows us to go outing once a month and go home once a months also.

  4. of course we are allowed to bring hand phones. This is 2016…

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I have many sweet and bitter experience here in Penang Matriculation College…
My best experience was getting my 4-flat.
My friends are the funniest clowns I have ever met.
The saddest experience was leaving my home. It took me a couple of months to get adjusted to the situation. But all went well after that. I will be graduating next month. It’s gonna be sad to say bye. But it’s a memory for a lifetime.

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According to the official website, there are two types of programmes under Matrikulasi:

1-year matrikulasi programme known as Program Matrikulasi Satu Tahun (PST)


1.1 Program Matrikulasi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia menawarkan dua (2) jurusan dan satu (1) aliran iaitu :
a) Sains
b) Perakaunan
c) Teknikal


2.1 Modul I 1. Fizik 2. Kimia 3. Matematik 4. Biologi
Modul II 1. Fizik 2. Kimia 3. Matematik 4. Sains Komputer Modul III 1. Kimia 2. Biologi 3. Matematik 4. Sains Komputer

2.2 Mata Pelajaran Teras Jurusan Perakaunan
Matematik, Perakaunan, Ekonomi dan Pengurusan Perniagaan

2.3 Mata Pelajaran Teras Aliran Teknikal
Matematik, Kejuruteraan, Fizik Kejuruteraan, Kimia Kejuruteraan, Pengajian Kejuruteraan Elektrik dan Elektronik (PKE) / Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanikal (PKM) / Pengajian Kejuruteraan Awam (PKA)


3.1 Jangka Masa Program
Program Matrikulasi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia akan mengambil masa dua (2) semester bagi Program Matrikulasi Satu Tahun (PST) manakala empat (4) semester bagi Program Matrikulasi Dua Tahun (PDT).

3.2 Pengambilan Pelajar
Pengambilan pelajar dibuat pada bulan Mei.

Pelajar yang lulus program ini dan memenuhi syarat yang ditetapkan oleh IPTA akan berpeluang mengikuti program ijazah pertama di semua universiti awam dalam bidang seperti berikut :

Sains / Teknikal
Perubatan/Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu
Sains Komputer
Sains Pendidikan
Seni Bina
Sains Gunaan
Sains Teknologi / Teknologi Maklumat

Pengurusan Perniagaan
Pentadbiran Perniagaan
Pengurusan Sumber Manusia
Teknologi Maklumat
Pentadbiran Maklumat

2-year matrikulasi programme known as Program Dua Tahun (PDT)


Program ini ditawarkan kepada pelajar yang memenuhi syarat yang ditetapkan dan telah memohon Program Matrikulasi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia tetapi tidak terpilih bagi mengikuti Program Matrikulasi Satu Tahun (PST).


Pendaftaran bagi Program Matrikulasi Dua Tahun dijalankan serentak bersama pelajar PST.


Dua modul pengajian disediakan. Pelajar yang tidak mengambil mata pelajaran Biologi dalam peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) hanya dibenarkan mengambil Modul II sahaja, manakala pelajar yang tidak mengambil mata pelajaran Fizik dalam SPM hanya dibenarkan mengambil Modul III sahaja.

Modul Pengajian PDT

Modul I

  1. Fizik
  2. Kimia
  3. Matematik
  4. Biologi

Modul II

  1. Fizik
  2. Kimia
  3. Matematik
  4. Sains Komputer

Modul III

  1. Kimia
  2. Biologi
  3. Matematik
  4. Sains Komputer

Pelajar wajib lulus semua mata pelajaran wajib dan kokurikulum.


Mendapat keputusan berikut dalam peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

  1.  C     Bahasa Melayu 
  2.  C     Bahasa Inggeris  
  3.  C     Matematik 
  4.  C     Kimia 
  5.  D     Matematik Tambahan 
  6.  C     Dalam satu (1) mata pelajaran daripada berikut: Fizik / Biologi
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@marisashanthini, would you mind to share with us roughly how many percent of students are under the two-year programme Program Matrikulasi Dua Tahun (PDT)?

Just curious to know because usually when I meet people who graduated from matrikulasi they are from the Program Matrikulasi Satu Tahun (PST), that’s why they are usually one year younger than STPM students when enrolled into the degree courses at universities.

I’ve never met anyone graduated from Program Dua Tahun (PDT)… Hmmm…

@Kai. Hello Kai. Ok the PDT program is only for bumiputera. They are the ones who get D for add maths in SPM. The pdt program is very easy at they study around 4 or 5 chapters per subject for each semester but PST will study around 10 or 15 chapters depending on the subject for each semester. Around 20% are PDT students in my college.

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Hi @marisashanthini ! In matrikulasi,are there bookshops for us to get our study materials(reference books,exercise books etc), other than the lecture notes from teachers. I heard that there are less books for us to revise, as compared to in private colleges. Is it possible to get the relevant books that we want from the matriculation library? Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

@Kaushalya. Hello Kaushalya. Yes there are book stores in the college where we can get reference books for matriculation. We also can use international books to help us understand the subjects in a more deeper sense such as McGraw Hill, Solomon etc… Hope this answers your question.

Hye… I’m from PMC too… nice to meet you… you have high knowledge about matriculation programme… nice one…

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Hi there …
I would love to ask this,
If I choose matric. Would it help me to further study abroad???

Yes @Bluei, matriculation is recognized internationally and it is equivalent to other pre-university programmes like STPM, A Levels, IB, SAM, Diploma etc

In other words, you can use Matriculation result to apply to get admission into undergraduate (degree) courses at universities overseas.

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According to this post Complete Guide to Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Program Matrikulasi),

Little Myth I’d Like To Debunk

YES, it is possible to gain admission to premier foreign universities with your matriculation qualification. Here’s an official list (non-exhaustive) by Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

A friend of mine even got an offer from Imperial College London (amongst several others), and he’s currently waiting on scholarship replies before he decides on whether or not to go there.

The webpage of the university list has already been removed, so you will get an error if you click the link. But here is the copy of the list in case you are interested:

Selain mendapat kepercayaan dan pengiktirafan dari universiti tempatan, Program Matrikulasi KPM turut diiktiraf oleh institusi pengajian luar negara. Pelajar-pelajar matrikulasi yang telah tamat pengajian boleh memohon untuk melanjutkan pengajian mereka dalam pelbagai kursus ijazah pertama di universiti-universiti luar Negara. Berikut merupakan senarai IPT yang menjalinkan hubungan kerjasama dengan Program Matrikulasi KPM.

  1. United Kingdom
    i. Univesity of Birmingham
    ii. University of Nottingham
    iii. University of Surrey
    iv. King’s College London
    v. University of Manchester
    vi. University of Southampton
    vii. University of Sheffield
    viii. Athlone institute of Technology
  2. Australia
    i. University of Sydney
    ii. University of New South Wales
    iii. University of Adelaide
    iv. Monash University
  3. New Zealand
    i. University of Wellington
  4. Indonesia
    i. Universitas Sumatera Utara
    ii. Universitas Andalas
    iii. Universitas Sriwajaya
    iv. Universitas Padjajaran
    v. Universitas Gajah Mada

Dalam memertabatkan lagi Program MAtrikulasi, Bahagian Matrikulasi KPM sentiasa mengenalpasti ruang dan peluang memperluaskan pengiktirafan antarabangsa dari institut pengajian tinggi luar negera yang lain dari masa ke semasa.


Wow @Kai n @Ong
Thanks so much,really helping me though…
~Hoping dreaming striving to oversea
I believe matrix seem so much like the boarding school…so what if I wanna choose foundation,will I still have the opportunity to fly too??

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For questions on foundation, you can refer to this post: Matriculation or foundation


Thanks again and
~All the best in life

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i missed to register for matrikulasi, any chances for me to join ?

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