Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)


@zarina6195 No sorry. You will be entertained only and only if u applied for it.


HI. I wanna ask that is it possible to get the degree what I want after I finish Matriculation? Because some people tell me that the students from Matriculation have more opportunities than STPM students to get the subject what they want in IPTA. Thanks!


@Angel_Leong. Hi. Yeah it’s easier to get what u want but u have to meet the requirements and pass the interview.


Do I have to pay for hostel or beverages fee?


@Sally no u don’t have to pay for the hostel. But food will not be provided. U can buy food and drinks at the café.


Is the monthly allowance of RM250 enough to cover the food? How much do you spend per meal? Would you mind to give some examples of the food and price?

What are the other expenses? Do you need to pay by yourself to buy books, transport to the town? What about laundry, how much do you pay to use the washing machine?

Thanks for spending your time answering our questions!


Hi @Ong. I don’t use the monthly allowance as my parents don’t allow me to use it, my parents would give me money to spend on food and etc. The spending of money depends on yourself. I would eat bread most of the time as it’s cheaper and enough for me. The price at the cafes are quite pricey… It depends on the cafe and the quantity of food u order. Yes I buy books myself but it doesn’t cost much. The washing machine is rm2 per wash. The transportation outside of the college is all on our own. Hope this helped. :blush::blush::blush:


Ate bread most of the time? Seriously… I cannot imagine that! That sounds really sad and pitiful… No wonder there was a sharing on Who Ever Said That Matrix Was Easy?

But I guess maybe you can share what do you mean pricey… like how much is the nasi campur of 2 dishes or mee goreng so that we can have a better idea? Of course the price is just a reference as it is slightly different from college to college and every year the price is increasing.


@Kai. I ate bread cause sometimes I am just caught up with too much of homework and I have no time to eat a full meal. The price for rice with 2 dish is around rm4-5. Depending on the food choose, if just vegetables is just around rm2.50. Mee goreng is around rm5. The prices varies with different cafes. There the cheap one and expensive ones.


Hello! My result wasn’t that good but still okay.I still I want to be a Veterinarian. If I pursue for matriculation and work my ass off till I get the pointer that are required to be one. Is that possible? Like I lose my hope. I felt like I was failing. Is matriculation can be a step stone for me to start all over? Thank you.


Yes, provided you are offered matriculation and you get good result for your matriculation.


@Allen98 If u get 4-flat or more that 3.9 I think u won’t have any problem getting it. Make sure u study hard and do your interview well. Good luck.


What if I was offered in Account streams? My friend said that likely I’d get that. I wanted the subjects that could get me into Science streams


@Allen98. If u applied for accounting then u will get it but if u applied for science then u will get science. But if u want to change accounts to science that will not be possible


Thank you so much. I really appreciate that


@Allen98. U are welcome. Good luck in your future undertakings.


When can I know I have been shortlisted for matrikulasi programme?


Hi :slight_smile: Im curious…I’ve applied for matriculation and foundation…lets say if I got the offer from matriculation,is it possible that I will get offer from foundation too? The intake for matriculation and foundation are on the different month so Im quite anxious about this…


@yienfam From what I have heard it will be announced in the second week of April. U can always check the education of ministry website for the update


@sarasyakila Yes if u are chosen for matriculation u also might be chosen for foundation if u qualify for it.