Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)


@nuraminmohdnor that is actually untrue. Priority are given to foundation students of the particular university and then matriculation students. Matriculation is basically a pre-u for government universities.


May I know is it necessary for us to bring our own laptop to finish our assignment?


@Hmmmm it isn’t really necessary. We rarely use laptop because the assignments are hand written. We do quizzes online but we can use our phone or the computers in the library.


Are we given the chances to choose the module on our own?


@andrewlyh when we register the module is given for us but we can change it if we want but u have to meet the requirements


Can you specify about the “requirements”?


@andrewlyh let’s say for pure science the min requirements is A- for all the science and maths subject.


Ookay haha. I planning to take module 2 that consist of Computer sc, Physics, Maths and chemistry (i just dont like biology hehe)
I got A+ for all science and math subjects so it would not be a problem for me right?
Thanks for replying


@andrewlyh hahahaha it wouldn’t be a problem then. What course are u planning to take for your degree?


Hmm actually i wanted to enroll in law degrer of University of Malaya. But doing science will keep my options wider if i cannot get my first choice haha. Since i am a non-bumi that cannot enter asasi, so matrikulasi would be better option for me comparing to form6…:<


@andrewlyh that’s a good course! Remember u must obtain Band 5 for muet if u wish to do law. Doing science stream will let u to be open to more choices.


I just finish my matriculation at Penang. For your answers:

  1. I get my matriculation offer from the internet. Whoever get matriculation offer will never get form6. I guess maybe they don’t want any pertindihan students. I put my address from urban area and I’ve never heard about rural area things. Some students in the matriculation have excellent results. But there are also students who have not-so-good result. It all base on the luck I guess. But if you got Additional Mathematics lower than C, you will enter 2 years programme. It’s still the same with 1 year programme, just extent it to 2 years.

  2. For allowance, matriculation students get RM250 per month. But based on what I’d heard for next intake students, there will be no allowance.

  3. Usually we can go out during weekends and use public transport to go to the town.

  4. Yes, we’re allowed to bring handphones to college and some students bring their own laptops to do works. But laptops are not a necessary things to bring because only some times we have to do coursework with laptops.

That’s all from me. I hope that I can help to answer your questions. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


is it really that 2016 intake does’t get rm250 for allowance every month ?? need your confirm answer :slight_smile:


As what I’d heard, there are no allowance for the next intake. Furthermore, I am matriculation student batch 15/16


@marisashanthini is it really that 2016 intake does’t get rm250 for allowance every month ?? need your confirm answer :smile:


@nuraminmohdnor I hope this answers ur question


@nuraminmohdnor I have never heard of such thing saying that the allowance will not be given. I think allowance will still be given as usual.


Hi there i heard from my one of my senior stating that matrikulasi syllabus are in malay so i just want to ask is it true?



Hi, I have some doubts on matriks…

  1. Does we guarantee the course and uni that we want if I scored 4.0 in matriks? Or is it by luck?
    ( I aim UM, USM and UKM only)

  2. Can we opt for private uni, (eg: Monash Malaysia) if we cant get course that we want in public uni? Do u encounter studnets like tis? DO they suceed?

  3. May I know that do matrikulasi have its own scholarship to sponsor students oversea? Is it difficult to get? How about the requirements?

  4. May I ask how much tat I nid to pay back if i stop matriks halfway and go a levels?

Hope I can get answer from u. Thanks :slight_smile:


@chinteckming the syllabus is in English not malay