Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)


Hello @zhen1998

  1. Getting 4.0 does not really guarantee your spot in the course u want. But u have a very high chance. U have to go through interview.

  2. Yes U can opt for private universities if u didn’t get a place in public uni.

  3. Yes there are scholarship to go overseas sponsored by kpm and mybrainsc but that scholarship is to become lecturers for matrics. U are bonded to them for 8 yrs.

  4. I am not sure about the fine but I think it’s around RM 2000 ++

Hope this helped.


For those who appealed and get into kolej Matrikulasi together with second intake, will they be sitting examination together with the first intake? Will they finish the programme together with the first intake?


Yes all will be the same as the first intake. @simpeilin


Any recommendations on reference books other than lecturer’s notes?


@leekm1998 u can use Real Exam or Oxford Fajar


Hi may I know if they pick students by referring to our family background? Like if my parents’ are divorced and only one of them has monthly income, do I have higher chances in getting matrics?
Also, which are the top 5 campuses that have the best facilities? :smiley:


@splashwhoosh Maybe u will have a higher chance. Not really sure about it. The top 5 capusses maybe kelantan, selangor don’t really know the rest.


@leekm1998 yes u can. both of it are good


hey @marisashanthini

  1. how many people are there in a dorm?
  2. are the people friendly?
  3. is there a bathroom in each dormroom?
  4. what do you usually wear?
  5. any advice that you wish you knew before going?
  6. wifi?


Hi @khoo

  1. for matrics penang there were 4 people per room. 4 beds at each corner of the room. Normally all the matrics are the same. 3 Muslim and 1 non Muslim
  2. hahaha that depends. People will tend to become friendly after a few weeks.
  3. in all the matrics there will be a few toilets and bathroom at end of each floor
  4. in my matrics it’s a bit particular where the girls must wear baju kurung or punjabi suit and guys must wear long sleeve and tie. But I heard that Selangor matrics u can wear pants and blouse and the rules aren’t that strict
  5. for me I guess I wish the new and correct way to study as it’s not the same studying style as in school. I would advice you to have a good group of frens as I see that many people get influenced once they leave house and mixed with the wrong group frens and ended up getting bad grades.
  6. in my penang matrics there was wifi at the campus but there was no wifi in the dormitory. But the wifi strength was very poor.

Good luck for your matrics it will a be a bitter sweet memory. But it’s one of the best memory I have.


I am finishing up in matriks kedah. Feel free to ask me anything especially if u got selected to kedah.


Hey at kmpp are we allowed to wear anything other than baju kurung or Punjabi suit? Like collared shirt, slacks, t-shirt, polo t or jeans? How about shoes like converse or everlast? Thanks for the well wishes.


hello I’ll be going to matriculation next month.
I want to know which module is better for me to go for pharmacy?
Some people stated that module 1 gives higher chance for students aim for critical courses, is it true?

Do we apply UPU right after we completed our matriculation program? so around what time would we be called for interview?
I think it will be quite rush.

looking forward to your replies, thx.


Hi @thxin. So yeah I think module 1 is better as it gives a wider field to choose for your degree course. For critical course it’s better to take module 1. U will apply for upu when half way through sem 2. The interviews will be around 1 month after your matrics ends. Hope this helped.


Hai, im going to enroll in penang matriculation ,so im interested to pursue medicine, which module should i take?


@ashwinB hi there. Congratulations first of all. It’s better to take module 1 which is pure science. It give u higher chance to get medic. Good luck.


thank you very much For the quick reply

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Hi, I am Pang Shian Wei. I would like to ask a few questions about the Program Matrikulasi. Can u explain the advantages and disadvantages of Module 1 and Module 2 separately? Thank you for your consideration and time. Pls correct my errors if u notice.


@Shianwei hi there. Module 1 is pure science consisting of subjects like Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry and module 2 is where u drop biology and take science computer. If u are planning to do medical related courses i would recommend u to take module 1 as it has higher chance of getting it. Module 2 is more towards engineering.