Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)


@marisashanthini Thanks for your reply.
There’s a few things I would like to know more.

  1. What is the difference of taking and not taking computer science? Does it affect the career pathway further on like more towards IT instead of medical related courses?
  2. If I choose module 1, what are the courses I can and can’t choose on my further studies in uni?

Sorry for taking up so much of yr time. :grin: Thanks


thank you for your reply, it did help a lot ^^

  1. yah it means that u want your career path to be more towards IT.
    2.u can choose anything u want even if its arts courses. theres no limit to it.


HI @marisashanthini, how do we get the reference books and exercises books for matriculation?


hi there…just wanted to know what degree courses can be taken in the future if i take module 3 in matriculation?


Hi @Nesh so module 3 is where u drop physics and take computer science. So u can go to health science courses such as medic, dentistry etc. but always higher chances are given to module 1 students. You could also apple for biomedical science, optometry, audio, etc. IT courses and engineering courses are also applicable.


@thxin hi u can get oxford fajar as reference book and Real Exam for reference also. Those books can be found in any book store.


Thanks for the reply… Really appreciate it


You are welcome . Hope it helped


my college did sell oxford fajar and real exam reference books. :)) thx for
giving advice and suggestions


Hi @marisashanthini ! I just want to be sure about a thing, does MoE recognise in international universities, especially overseas?
Thank you.