Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)

hi. I got the offer for matriks. But then, my parents think that it will be good if i got form 6. I tried to rayu with the JPN. What are the possibilities that I will get form 6? Thank you.

hi @khosheiila. there’s a high chance u will get form 6. but i feel matriks is way better and easier than form 6.

Hello there. Well I would like to be a veterinarian. Let say I passed all the requirements, is it easy to get that course? Like… err… is the course high in demand?

@TulasiRamn yah it should be easy to get it. its not to say very high in demand.

Okay. Thank u so much! :blush:

I have another question. To enter matrics, does mid term results really matter? Or they’ll just see the spm/ trials results?

@TulasiRamn i think they just see spm results.

Hi, I have graduated an international school in Japan with a high school diploma. I don’t have any Malaysian education certifications PT3 nor SPM. I would like to get as many information as possible about equivalency of a high school diploma to the levels of education in Malaysia?

Your reply will be highly appreciated


Hi there @marisashanthini . Just wanted to ask if I’m allowed to go for the accounting stream in matriculation if I was in science stream during my high school but I didn’t take accounts subject in my SPM?

Hi. Yah u are allowed to change to accounting. U just have to request to change it in the office after registration.

Marisa Shanthini

Hi is it true that we r supposed to take 8 subjects for matriculation? I am planning to get accounting stream, does that mean i will be taking all the 4 subjects?(accounts,business studies,maths and economic)

Hi u just have to take 4 subjects not 8

Marisa Shanthini

Hi.I am a fresh spm leaver,and I would like to know more about matriculation.
I am told that I am unable to choose the courses and university I want and would instead be chosen by the government.Is this true?

Secondly,I heard most ipts don’t accept matric student.Is this false?

Thridly,I want to ask about the perception of matrics in ipta.For example,would a matric student be given priority in ipta compared to A-levels and stpm?Or are they equal?

Finally,are matric student required to stay in the matriculation college?Like live in the dorm.

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Hi there, i have same case as you which my result was not good but wanted to become a vet. Are you planning to go local u or private u?

Hi,@marisashanthini. Which Matriculation College is the best in Malaysia?

I’m going to take spm this year and I’m wondering if it’s good to continue study (matriks) … what are the benefits marries to me … and how I suppose to apply

Hi. Yah it’s good to get into matriks as it’s easy to score and much easier compared to foundation and stpm. The application will be opening around May I think but your school will be alerting you so don’t worry about it. Maybe keep up with the news to know the application date. Good luck .


Thanks Marisa about that guide… it’s very useful for me

You are welcome