Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)


hi. I got the offer for matriks. But then, my parents think that it will be good if i got form 6. I tried to rayu with the JPN. What are the possibilities that I will get form 6? Thank you.


hi @khosheiila. there’s a high chance u will get form 6. but i feel matriks is way better and easier than form 6.


Hello there. Well I would like to be a veterinarian. Let say I passed all the requirements, is it easy to get that course? Like… err… is the course high in demand?


@TulasiRamn yah it should be easy to get it. its not to say very high in demand.


Okay. Thank u so much! :blush:


I have another question. To enter matrics, does mid term results really matter? Or they’ll just see the spm/ trials results?


@TulasiRamn i think they just see spm results.


Hi, I have graduated an international school in Japan with a high school diploma. I don’t have any Malaysian education certifications PT3 nor SPM. I would like to get as many information as possible about equivalency of a high school diploma to the levels of education in Malaysia?

Your reply will be highly appreciated