Ask Me Anything About Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Matrikulasi)

Hi @Shalini. Sorry for the late reply.Yes there is a slim chance as universities mostly prefer module 1 students. But there is still chance. Good luck.

I’m sorry if I’m asking a rather stupid question, but if I’m from Sub-Science (Meaning that I didn’t take up Biology and rather I take up Prinsip Perakaunan and I didn’t have Computer Science too), do I have a chance in choosing Matrikulasi? Cuz I’m aiming for Science stream in matrikulasi. Thanks for your reply!

Hi. You might get the science stream module but a different module which substitutes biology with computer science.

Marisa Shanthini

Hi , im going to sit for spm after 200 days , and i wanna ask few question , hope you can reply and resolve

  1. how , when , where to apply matriculation ?

  2. This is my spm subject , ( BM BI BC Math AMath Phy Che Akaun SEJ Moral )
    without biology , can i apply for jurusan sains in matric that is core in these subject (physic chemist IT) , Or i need Biology in SPM

  3. Which matric package u think is better or higher accept rate for engineer and IT course in UNI , 1(Bio Phy Che) , 2(Phy Che IT)

  4. If my SPM result is 6A(Math Amath Phy Che Akaun BI ) and 4C (SEJ BM Moral BC) , what will my chance to success applying for matric be.

  5. Does kehadiran and kokurikulum affect my chance , bcoz there is no kokurikulum in my school due to pandemic.

Hope u all stay safe and happy

Hi there

  1. I think there’s the matriculation portal that u can use to apply. It’s been 5 years for me so I am not sure if it has changed. U can always google on how to apply for matriks

  2. Usually u have to have biology to be accepted into module 1 which is pure science but u might get accepted into other module which does not have biology.

  3. In my opinion module 1 have a higher acceptance rate but it depends on the course that u want. Since I am in health care course thus I feel module 1 has higher acceptance rate. Different course have different module acceptance rate.

  4. Not to discourage u or anything but usually those who are offered matrics need to have straight A’s especially on bio, chem, phy and maths. But there is still chance of u getting. U can always do rayuan for second intake.

  5. Due to the pandemic there might be some leniency for the attendance and cocurriculum so I am not so sure about that.

Hope this helped


Hi, recently I just searched about Malaysian Matriculation graduates can use the certificate to study abroad to selected universities, but I couldn’t find it in the requirement of any selected universities. Can anyone send me any link from any universities that show the certificate of Malaysian Matriculation are being accepted?

Hi @pnguir. Yes you can use malaysian matriculation certs to study overseas but u have to find the selected unis. Unfortunately i am not sure if theres a list of those universities. You can always contact the uni that u want, to check if its recognized. Good luck.

Hi, if I get to score straight As in SPM (sub science), can I choose Package 1( bio, physics, chemi) in matriculation? Cause I have the intention to further my study in medic field. Or is it any other method that can helps me to get in medical schools?

Hi @x1ny4n yah u definitely will automatically get module 1.

Thank you @marisashanthini !!! So that means even though I am now in sub science (computer science), I still have the chance to get biology in matriculation am I right? :sob: Before this, I thought students in sub science cannot get in medic anymore… :confounded:

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Hi. I want to ask if matrikulasi allow students to go out of campus?

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hellooo. yes yes can go. depends on which matriks u get yah. each matriks have their different set of rules