I need an useful advices and inspiration on how to organize time for training and study

I’m a form 5 student from Sabah and also a fencer as well… I faced difficulties to study because I have to deal with my fencing training schedule… I’m very concerned with my recent examination results because the graph descended… I’m worried because I want to achieve excellent result in SPM and fencing… I usually train on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday… after I went home, I’m extremely tired and I usually can’t cope with piles of homework especially Biology subject homeworks also studying… I organized a daily and study schedule for me but I cannot follow it… because I’m always tired and sometimes fallen asick… recently I planned to go to training every single day to fight for Asia Cadet and Junior Fencing Championship by the end of this year… any kind hearted people who wanted to give me some useful advices can just message me here or contact me through PM thank you so much! i really appreciate your kindness! bless u

i join this forum a bit too late, all i can do is wish that you will have flying colors in your spm. Also, get ready to juggle your schedule again once u enter university. life in uni is different from school, no one forces u to study but u need to do a lot of reading on your own. No one will tell you how to do your assignment u need to find out and ask your seniors. When you’re in university, you have lots of time to do the things u like, but u also need to find time to do the things that will make u grow too =)

from someone who was like you years ago, currently doing a business degree oversea