Is KPM Bursary 2016 for SPM 2015 Still Available?

Is KPM bursary still on for 2015 SPM candidates? I didn’t get any informatian from the KPM website.

I am a 2015 SPM candidate who gets a result of 9A+ and 2A-. Hope to get reply soon.

Thank you.:grinning:

Is KPM Bursary 2016 for SPM 2015 Students being Offered?

To answer this question, one needs to look back at the Prime Minister’s announcement related to JPA scholarships during the re-calibration of Malaysia Budget 2016 in late January 2016.

Four government / JPA scholarship programmes are specifically highlighted by the Finance Minister in his speech:

Program Biasiswa Nasional 2016

Top 20 SPM students will be sponsored to the top universities overseas.

Biasiswa JPA Program Khas Kejuruteraan Jepun, Korea, Perancis dan Jerman 2016

200 SPM scorers will be sponsored to study engineering courses at the top universities at these countries. Application currently opens until 5PM on 10 March 2016.

Program Lepasan KPM Bursary 2016

744 SPM 2013 and SPM 2014 students who were previously offered KPM Bursary and were doing their pre-university programme (A level, Matrikulasi, STPM etc) in 2015 will be sponsored to study degree courses at local public or private universities.

Biasiswa JPA Program Ijazah Dalam Negara (PIDN) 2016

8000 students will get scholarships to study degree courses at local public or private universities.

So back to the original question, is KPM bursary still being offered in 2016 for SPM 2015 students? Notice that Dato’ Sri Najib did not mention KPM bursary at all.

From here we can deduce that KPM Bursary which was a guaranteed scholarship for SPM students with 9A+ to sponsor their pre-university programmes in Malaysia and then their degree programmes at universities overseas is no longer offered in 2016.
Update: 250 KPM Bursary scholarships with be offered for SPM 2015 students with 9A+ and above for local studies.

The Program Lepasan KPM Bursary mentioned in his speech is just affecting those who are already offered this scholarship and currently studying pre-university programmes in Malaysia (meaning SPM 2013 and SPM 2014 students), that the government no longer sponsor them to do degree courses abroad, they need to study locally if they want to be continued sponsored under KPM Bursary programme. Previously, they were supposed to be fully sponsored to study abroad after they have completed their pre-u in Malaysia.

Update April 2016: PSD has just announced that 250 KPM Bursary scholarships with be offered for SPM 2015 students with 9A+ and above for local studies. This is the last year of KPM Bursary for SPM students. Next year onwards there will not be any KPM Bursary for SPM 2016 students.

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Official announcement:

Is it the application for bursary programme not opened yet?

@andrewlyh it is not open for application. Instead, it is offered automatically to top 250 SPM 2015 scorers.

How will I know if i was offered?

You will be contacted. Update: You need to visit JPA website to apply if your name is in the name list. As the number of SPM 2015 scorers (with 9A+ and above) eligible for the KPM Bursary 2016 is way more than 250, only the top 250 will be contacted and offered the bursaries.

You may also contact KPM / JPA directly for further clarification.

Alright thx for the info

Latest update: Check if your name is in the Senarai Nama Pelajar Bursary Tahun 2016

If yes, you need to visit Portal eSILA to apply for the specific pre-university programme (A Levels, STPM, Matrikulasi etc) sponsored under Bursary 2016.

The application is open from 11 - 30 April 2016.

How to apply for those pre-u programmes in the Portal eSILA link ?

@zhishuang9376, I’ve checked the JPA Portal eSILA but could not find the link for the bursary application, I guess we might need to wait a day or two for the website to be updated with the application form.

Hi everyone. I am SPM 2015 leaver. I faced some problems so I hope you guys can help me to solve it. Currently I found that my name is listed in the senarai pelajar bursary 2016 in Portal eSILA link. So does it means that I was recognized as KPM bursary scholar automatically? Or I need to submit my personal details and the preferred course etc first? If I need to submit the details, then how to submit them ? I saw in newpapers they said students who were listed in the list have to access the JPA website and accept the offer, otherwise the scholarship offer will be cancelled… I didn’t know how to “accept” the scholarship. I have tried so many ways but just in vain…

And I would like to ask the foundation programme offered by KPM bursary 2016 is only for studying in public university? Because I have applied for foundation study in UTAR … UTAR is private university what…

@zhishuang9376 you still need to apply for it as only 250 Bursaries are offered in 2016 for SPM 2015 scorers. Update: All 714 students in the name list are offered Bursary 2016.

Semakan & Permohonan Program Bursary 2016

As you can see from the name list, there are 714 students. Meaning these 714 students shortlisted in the name list are eligible to apply Bursary 2016. However, you still need to submit the application through Portal eSila (once the application link is available on the website) and fill in your details and choice of pre-university programme. If you do not submit your application, you will not be considered at all, meaning no Bursary 2016 for you.

You can choose to study the courses at IPTA or IPTS. If you check the list of universities, you see that actually UTAR is listed under these fields of studies

  • Perubatan & Sains Kesihatan
  • Kejuruteraan
  • Sains & Teknologi

After you submitted your application, if you are offered Bursary 2016, it will cover both the foundation and degree course for you. For example, if you apply to a MBBS medical degree at UTAR, and if you are offered Bursary, then JPA will sponsor both your pre-university (Foundation in Science) and degree (MBBS) at UTAR.

Clear? Do you have any other question?

I’m confused. So every 714 students who obtained 9A+ will get a pre-university bursary (A-levels, STPM, Matrikulasi) by the JPA

and then there’s another Program Bursary 2016 whereby only 250 students will get it?

No, there is only one bursary program, previous years it was called KPM Bursary. For this year which is the final year it is being offered, it is called just Bursary 2016 and is offered by JPA and not KPM.

Anyway as mentioned in the official announcement by JPA, there are only 250 Bursary 2016 offers. Meaning that 714 students will compete to get the 250 places. Previous year KPM Bursary is offered to all eligible automatically without the need to apply for it. Update: All 714 students in the name list are offered Bursary 2016.

But this year Bursary 2016 will only sponsor students to do pre-university and degree programme locally (IPTA or IPTS) so you need to apply for it as it is limited. Also not all will want to apply as some might plan to further study overseas or already got other scholarships.

But on April 9th, they posted this on the news?


Ya, your explainations clear me a lot. But the news about only 250 students will get the bursary was outdated right? The latest news said that all the students who obtain 9A+ and above will be offered bursary, no more 250 seats only. Anyway it seems that the application form is not updated yet. I will keep waiting for it. And if you found the application form link please inform me at here okay? Thank you very much for your help.

Sorry for the confusion in our previous replies, we have already updated the replies to reflect that all 714 students in the name list are offered Bursary 2016. However, you still need to fill your details at Portal JPA eSILA (when the link is available), otherwise you will be seen as giving up Bursary 2016 offer.

Thanks @queeflaps for pointing us to the latest announcement on this, which clears our confusion:

Putrajaya says all SPM 9A+ achievers will receive bursaries

KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 — All 714 students who scored 9A+ and above in last year’s SPM examination will receive bursaries for local pre-university studies, a minister said.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said the Cabinet had made the decision yesterday after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak called for a review of the Public Service Department’s (PSD) earlier decision to give bursaries to only 250 students.

“The Cabinet decision today is a huge relief for all our students and their parents,” he was quoted telling English language daily The Star.

The PSD said in a Tuesday announcement of its latest bursary programme that only 250 students who scored 9A+ and above in the Form Five public examination last year would receive bursaries to study locally.

The new bursary programme came after the Budget 2016 recalibration in January, which included the announcement that 744 students of SPM 2013 under the bursary programme would only be sponsored for local studies, and not sent abroad.

Under the new bursary programme, only the top 20 SPM scorers of 2015 and 2016 are given the opportunity to study overseas instead of the previous top 50.

Is A-level course accepted under KPM Bursary? If so, what are the colleges accepted? I only see the list of universities for the bursary programme so far. Thanks.